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Before MÆY, let's go back to few years ago...

We are two French sisters, Marie-Anne (aka May) and Elisabeth.  Through our travels and expat' experience, we realized how important it was to come together with people to share the culture, culinary tastes, and excitement when it comes to the French Art de vivre

In 2015, we decided to unite the French and international young expats in our new hometown: Frankfurt, Germany. We started to organized monthly afterwork "Aperitif" becoming bigger and bigger every time. This is how Apéros Frenchies was born!

We aim to create a unique community and atmosphere of conviviality to not only provide opportunities to network, but also inspire genuine connections between the members.

Few years later, we expended in others cities (London, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Bogotá and Paris).  Apéros Frenchies is now known as an international community.

With MÆY we aim to satisfy cravings for the French Art-de-vivre by introducing this community to new places, and new brands that they would love.

We are now a strong international team, with different professional backgrounds and knowledge. It allows us to know both our community desires  and partners needs.


Our motto: "People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but never forget how you made them feel!" (M.Angelou)


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