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Corporate & private events

The event you envisage can be even greater, and more personal, than you’ve ever thought possible. All it takes is another perspective, one honed over years of experience. We offer our service for corporate events, private parties and celebrations, backed by MAEY who craft everything to your unique requirements and characteristics.

 Whatever the reason to celebrate, we’ll listen to you and make it special:

We find a venue, and  book the entertainment ( Live music DJ, Photographer, photobooth, goodies..) Arrange all the details, from the biggest to the smallest. It’s your day, and we never forget it.

At MAEY, we want to take the stress away whilst still keeping you involved in what’s going on. Planning and creativity go hand in hand – one can’t be achieved without the other. Whether you want a hotel, marquee or completely unique venue, your vision is our privilege.

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